Thank you for the support to help continue the mission to raise awareness, support advocacy, offer scholarships for Mental Health First Aid training and provide accessible resources. 


World Mental Health Day is observed every year in October with the overall objective of raising awareness of mental health wellness and to mobilize efforts in support of mental health. In the U.S., every year, approximately 41,000 people die by suicide. 

In 2016, on October 28, my twin, Aaren, aka “Bee”, completed suicide after battling depression and PTSD. It is my desire to build greater awareness of mental health and PTSD in memory of Aaren and others who have died by suicide.


In our family, Aaren was considered "the life of the party." He loved family and his children. His out going personality was like a magnet and people were drawn into his circle of friends. In High School he was a star basketball player and held the state record in track and field for years. As an avid jogger, he could jog for miles.  He loved to sing and could play about any instrument, from the trumpet to the piano. Aaren never took a piano lesson. We'll never forget the day he heard a classical song and sat at the piano and played it "from ear." He was the acclaimed genius out of me and my other siblings. Graduating with honors from High School, we attended Southern University together. Actually, from kindergarten to college, we took all classes together. Technology intrigued Aaren and he published QR codes and developed Virtual Reality (VR) programs before it all became popular. Aaren, a very giving person, "never met a stranger." He would literally give the shirt on his back to a person in need. To know my brother, Bee, you would know he would want you to “Bee the ONE to Help Someone” by raising awareness through providing resources to help combat mental health challenges and post traumatic stress disorder…starting in our homes, churches, schools, neighborhoods and in as many municipalities as possible across the nation. 


Please join us October 18th - October 28th for the 3rd Annual Virtual 5K Walk|Run Race. Register Today! The Virtual Flex-Time Run/Walk allows you to participate on your own schedule. Run|Walk at your own convenient time, pace and place! Run, walk, sprint, jog, Second Line or buzz-by like Bee. Just complete your 5K (3.1 miles) by October 28 @ 3:11pm. Remember to email your Finish Time. 


Thank you! 


Let's tie those running shoes and let's run the race for a culture of mental health awareness and recovery!!! 

Lauren 'Lalu' B.





11 March 1981 - October 28, 2016 
Our Story About "Bee"
Aaren Dayton Fontenette Brown